Let's take care of our planet!

Distinguished with the Biosphere certification, the Avenida Boutique Hotel has a strong commitment to social, environmental and cultural issues. We are based on responsible tourism with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of our entire value chain, taking measures to minimise its negative impact on the environment.

Integrating a sustainable and regenerative circular economy in all operations is fundamental to ensure the valorisation of terrestrial and marine biodiversity and the resilience of businesses in the face of change, thus maximising the company’s efficiency. This commitment can be achieved through the implementation of small-scale, observable changes and also with the support of our customers.

Sustainable resource management

High-efficiency heat pump system for domestic hot water

Taps incorporating flow reducers to reduce water consumption

Presence sensors to reduce energy consumption

Use of LED bulbs

Rooms fitted with energy-saving card switches

Soap dispensers with environmentally friendly products and packaging

Soap, shower gel and shampoo dispensers to limit the use of individual containers

Returnable glass bottles and glasses to reduce plastic consumption


For longer stays, we encourage less frequent towel changes.

We buy fresh and natural local products whenever possible

We give preference to local suppliers

Avoid bulk purchases to reduce excess packaging

Control and separate waste by category

Encourage emailing of invoices to reduce paper and ink consumption

Information on hotel policies and services available via QR code

We train employees on environmental commitments